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Since 1970, AMSI has managed furnished rentals in San Francisco, San Diego and Maui. We have developed a unique model for working with private owners who want to rent their property furnished, and prefer short-term tenants as opposed to long-term tenants allowing them more flexibility.

Whether you own an apartment for rent, a condo for rent, a house for rent or a studio for rent, in San Francisco, San Diego or Maui, AMSI will help you get your property rented.

What are the benefits of working with AMSI?

property marketingFilling your vacant property faster, saving you money

Your vacant property is costing you every day it sits vacant. Having your furnished rental in our program means that our reservation agents will market and book your property to their clientele in our AMSI database of existing and new clients.

Our clientele, qualified clients are staying in your property

AMSI’s clientele includes Fortune 1000/500 corporations, law firms, executives, the government, performing arts companies, insurance companies, celebrities, health care professionals, temporary workers on assignment and relocating and vacationing individuals.

AMSI has built an exclusive long standing relationship with many of these clients who trust our services. This broadens the exposure of your property to qualified clients.

What are the requirements for a rental property to get into the program?

The property must be equipped with standard housewares and furniture. Moreover personal items should be removed from the property.
property analysis
A property analysis will be performed by an AMSI associate. Necessary items that are missing must be provided by the landlord. If desired we can help you with staging. Learn more about our home staging services.

Do you occasionally want to use the property for private use?

Private use of your property, in between guest reservations, is possible. Simply schedule an owner’s block by accessing the reservation board online at

What is the process of bringing a rental property into the program and getting the rental occupied?

  1. Property evaluation performed by an AMSI associate
  2. Provide missing housewares and furniture (done by landlord)
  3. Determine a rental rate based on the property’s value and location, current market and your goals
  4. Take pictures and write unique property description
  5. Marketing of property by reservation agents and company’s marketing department
  6. Screen applicants to find a qualified tenant for you, run credit report and check applicant’s background, including previous landlords and proof of income
  7. Prepare a professional lease

Are you thinking about renting out your property unfurnished, to long-term clients? Then our unfurnished rental program might suit you. Learn more about the our unfurnished rental program.

Are you considering selling your property? Learn more about selling a home.

Property Rental Services:

Property Analysis

Property Marketing

Applicant Screening

Lease Execution and Negotiation


AMSI did a wonderful job, with all the details, of helping me to rent my furnished condominium. I am not aware of any other company in San Francisco, which could have helped me in renting my property to corporate executives as a private owner.

Shari V.

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