Gustavo Garcia

Gustavo Garcia

Gustavo Garcia is AMSI's Maintenance team's Field Lead Tech who joined AMSI 6 years ago. Having worked in the maintenance industry for 16 years, 7 of which he has been a Chief Engineer at Mosser Hotel of Arts and Music in San Francisco, he found his real passion working in the hospitality industry.

What he enjoys the most working in the hospitality industry is that it gives him the opportunity to help guests and tenants to have a more pleasant and enjoyable stay by trying to solve and accommodate most of their needs.

Gustavo passion for his job shows in his dedication to fulfilling his duties. He says that working in the Property Management and Real Estate field gives him the chance to see and learn the history of the city through its building and neighborhoods. Moreover, solving and troubleshooting various types of everyday challenges, sometimes from the most simple to the most complex tasks, gives him the opportunity to grow and learn more as new technology is implemented constantly.


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