Oscar Robles Arce

Oscar Robles Arce

Trained in electronics, promoter of photovoltaic solar energy generation and energy manager of buildings, premises and residential houses, I have 20 years of experience in the area of Real Estate, placement of bank credits and legal and administrative procedures in my country Costa Rica.

Specialized representative of the seller with high negotiation capacity and contractual conditions. Knowing my country from border to border and coast to coast, I include in my portfolio the best properties with houses, villas and luxury hotels, as well as other properties for ecotourism developments, permaculture and related activities.

The development in the Real Estate area has allowed me over the years to acquire vital knowledge on civil, geological, regulatory plans, satellite positioning and information technology which have become great tools for the development of my work. In a globalized world and parallel to it, it has brought safety and comfort to my family and loved ones.

I feel very happy to be part of the great AMSI family and I am always ready to serve my colleagues and such wonderful customers whenever it is required.

Visit Costa Rica, you are going to love it ...!

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